Navelina, Navel, Salu, Lane Late, Late Navel and Valencia Late. Sweet and juicy.


Clementine, Satsuma Oroval, Clemenville and Marisol. Intense juice.


Primifiori and Verna. Great content in good acidity juice .

  • At the Vega Baja´s heart

The Vega Baja region is well-known by its rich environment and agriculture. Orihuela´s Huerta (the local agricultural area), is a traditional irrigation farming land in the region.

  • Since 1964

Manuel Yagües Vegara and Trinitario Fernández Sala joined together in order to constitute Yafer S.L company in 1964. They both were traditional farming families experienced in agricultural exportation of these products.

  • Guaranteed quality

All our products are subjected to an exhaustive selection by qualified personnel, and this is our commitment to guarantee the best quality.


Yafer S.L only trades with natural products. We are fully concerned with the environment, only using 100% non polluting, recyclable, and authorised products. Also, the waxes that we use in order to improve our products are, of course, totally natural and free from any chemical preservative.



Chistera, Mary and Yafer: With these three brands we offer a wide range of
products. The area of our company is 6000 squared metres, it offers us an export capacity of 80 to 100 tons a day in finished products.

chistera mary yafer loma

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