YAFER S.L., was founded in 1964, by two people, Mr. Manuel Yagües Vegara and Trinitario Ferrendez Sala, both coming from families with a long agricultural tradition and experience in the export business. in 1964, the good relationship of two partners, as well as the long uninterrupted years of business competitive have turned YAFER S.L. into what is today: a family enterprise, based on personal contacts with the farmers and the trust of our clients towards our final products.

Each time it launches a new campaign, YAFER S.L. faces a renewed challenge: that of improving year by year. In order to carry out its projects, our company counts with a surface of 6.000 square metres, 1.500 of which are ocupied by 5 cold-storage rooms with a capacity of one million kilos. There are also2 chambers for outgreening citrus fruits with a capacity for 400.000 kilos, a packaging-line which can handle 10.000 kilos per hour and another line for the packaging in nets with a capacity for 4.000 kilos an hour. All of gives us an export capacity of 80 to 100 tons a day in finished products.


Annual production quantity in kilograms of Yafer. We have an export capacity of 80 to 100 tons per day.

Orange / 3,682,534 Kg.
CLEMENTINES / 491,729 Kg.
LEMON / 2,047,537 Kg.