Qualities Lemon

Qualities Lemon


A fruit with many properties

This is perhaps one of the most used and fruits that are almost always close at hand. Deep yellow (also green), the citrus limonum - Lemon scientific name - is one of the foods most notable for its striking qualities, which not only contribute to the nutrition of people, but also on their health.

Thus, properties such as to contain nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, protein fiber and make a positive natural product to prevent disease even having to do with immune system disorders, or bone structures in those related to the blood.

So mentions Karla Herrera degree in nutrition and dietetics of the FACH Hospital and Integral Pincetti Health, who also mentions that this fruit helps improve blood pressure is a good diuretic - helps eliminate toxins through urine - and also has a great ability as an antioxidant, "allowing safe from all rust to which we are exposed daily" sentence.

On the other hand, obesity treatment specialist Clinical Biotop, Dr. Madeleyne Olivares says that perhaps the most representative of lemon is its high content of vitamin C, besides being one of the main salad dressing.

Nevertheless states "also used during the flu states and metabolism of fats" and also that between beta-carotene content and some minerals like magnesium and iron are counted.

Moreover, among its capabilities and mentions preventing allergic conditions (by reducing allergens) and the prevention of bleeding in, for example, gums and skin.

Furthermore, with respect to its quality as an antioxidant, ruling that have vitamin C, E and beta carotene, help prevent product development diseases of the action of free radicals.