Aforos Kampala 2014-2015 Naranja y Clementina

We have the gauging of 2014-2015 season In the Valencia region: 114,972 TOTAL 1,496,791 1,611,763 -7.1 MANDARINAS [...]

Limon Primafiori

Home Campaign Lemon Primafiori 2014-2015

We began the 2014-2015 season with lemon Primafiori very good quality and good sizes. We are desverdizando lemon [...]

Naranjas Valencia Late

We are currently working Late Valencia oranges. This campaign ended variety of oranges. It is an orange [...]


Introduction of citrus in Spain

In Spain, citrus fruits are present from the seventh century. Bitter orange and lemon came from [...]


Qualities Lemon

A fruit with many properties is perhaps one of the most commonly used fruits and almost [...]